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1 oz gold coins at the best prices on the market

If you want to invest in gold, then 1 oz gold coins can be a really good start for you as investors. 1 oz gold coins are ideal if, for example, you would like to have more flexibility in your investment or want an investment that is easy to transport around.

At Tavex you will always find a large selection of different 1oz gold coins from all over the world.

1 ounce gold coins are precious metal coins that weigh around 1 troy ounce 1 ounce corresponds to approx. 31.1035 grams. These coins are usually made from high purity gold and serve as both investment assets and collectibles. They are known for their universality, liquidity and historical value preservation. Recognized worldwide, 1 ounce gold coins come in a variety of designs and releases. Some coins with unique motifs or limited editions that attract collectors. Investors often choose to include these coins in their portfolio as a way to diversify and protect their wealth from inflation, economic uncertainty and financial market volatility.

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