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1 oz PAMP Lunar Series Silver bar

Tavex is pleased to present the Heraeus 1 oz .999 fine silver bar, Germany’s most renowned silver bullion bar. Produced by Heraeus Precious Metals, a fully integrated precious metals and engineering company that is one of Germany’s largest privately owned businesses, the one kilogram silver bar is an old-fashioned poured cast bar that is simply yet elegantly made. This 1 oz silver bar is highly shiny, thick and has an incredible heft, a perfect choice for those who like to handle and “feel” their silver bullion since the re-sale value will not be affected by mild scratches or dents.

The 1 oz Heraeus silver bar is affordable and offers one of the best silver prices per gram, a great bullion product for those who are keen on saving by buying in bulk.

This silver item is in brilliant
mint condition

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  • The value of Heraeus 1 oz .999 fine silver bars tracks the price of silver. The value of Heraeus silver bars is primarily determined by their fine silver content which is linked to the prevailing price of silver.

  • The price of this 1 oz .999 fine silver bar will rise with inflation. Silver has proven itself throughout history to be a great asset in times of high inflation, appreciating faster and higher than most other investments!

  • Heraeus 1 oz .999 fine silver bars have guaranteed purity. The Heraeus manufacturing and refining processes are overseen by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), guaranteeing the strict quality and purity standard of Heraeus silver bars.

  • The Heraeus 1 oz silver bar is .999 pure silver. Heraeus silver bars are a great way to get this precious white metal in your hands.

  • Heraeus 1 oz .999 fine silver bars have an incredible heft. The “feel” of handling a cast one kilogram silver bar will put a smile on anyone’s face.

  • The Heraeus 1 oz .999 fine silver bars is highly liquid and recognised.  Heraeus is one of the oldest precious metals refineries in the world and manufacturers its gold and silver bars on three continents, making its bullion products a household name in the global bullion market.

  • Heraeus 1 oz .999 fine silver bars are highly popular among investors. Heraeus 1 kilogram silver bars are Germany’s most famous bullion bars in this format.

Heraeus Precious Metals

Heraeus Precious Metals is part of Heraeus Holding, an engineering group that was founded in 1851, and which today is one of Germany’s largest privately owned businesses with annual sales exceeding 20 billion Euros. The company’s headquarters is located in the German city of Hanau, where it operates one of Germany’s largest refineries and precious metal fabrication plants that produces the country’s most renowned gold and silver bullion bars under the brand “Heraeus”. The group employs over 12,000 people in more than 100 different subsidiaries worldwide and operates a wide range of business activities such as precious metal fabrication and trading, the production of high-end biomaterials, medical and pharmaceutical products, and the manufacturing of advanced technological components.

Heraeus 1 oz cast silver bar

The process to manufacture a cast 1 oz silver bar starts by heating silver material in a furnace until it turns to a molten slurry. During the heating process, all unwanted impurities in the slurry are removed until only molten silver of high purity is left, most often at around 99.9%. The refined silver is cooled and then either converted into silver granules or small silver bits. Either of these forms is weighed and adjusted according to the required weight of the desired cast silver bar and is then placed in an iron cast mold. The mold is put into a furnace which melts the small pieces of silver inside the iron cast mold. After the silver has melted, the molds are cooled and the silver solidifies inside. The result is a cast bar. These newly cast silver bars are then inspected and weighed. The bars that pass the test are cleaned and inserted into a hydraulic press that applies the needed marks on the top side of the cast silver bar.

Investors need to take into consideration that unlike minted bars which are created from uniform silver panels and have even surfaces, the surface of a cast bar is sometimes rough and uneven. This makes them a perfect choice for those who like to handle and “feel” their silver bars since the re-sale value is not affected by mild scratches or dents.

Heraeus, a member of the London Bullion Market Association

The LBMA, or London Bullion Market Association, was established as an independent oversight body by Britain’s Central Bank in 1987. The roots of the LBMA can be traced back several centuries to the 1700s when London started to emerge as the world’s leading trading hub for precious metals. Referred to as the “London Silver Market”, it was self-regulated by the London’s foremost bullion traders and fabricators who oversaw the market by accrediting precious metal refiners to the London Good Delivery List. Only those refiners that met the quality and purity criteria set down by the “LGD” list were allowed to enter the London bullion market. Today, more than 135 companies, which include some of the largest precious metal refiners, storage providers, manufacturers and bullion traders, are members of the London Bullion Market Association. They all form part of the LBMA, the world’s most respected and trusted international authority that monitors the production and refining process of silver and silver bullion. LBMA’s primary role is to manage the Good Delivery List which is today the international standard for the quality and assaying of silver and silver bars.

Nominal value Dimensions Fineness Product weight in grams Silver weight in grams Silver weight in Troy ounces
PAMP Lunar 0.00 mm 999.9 31.10658 g 31.10347g 1

The obverse: At the top of the 1 oz silver bar is the text “HERAEUS”, and “Feinsilber” which translates to “fine silver”, and “999.0” signifying 99.9% pure silver. The centre of the bar shows the company’s official stamp with the surrounding text “HERAEUS EDELMETALLE HANAU”. The weight is visible at the bottom of the bar.

Reverse: The reverse of the Heraeus 1 oz silver bar is polished and shiny.

Packaging: The 1 oz silver bar comes in a factory sealed plastic package.

Certificate of authenticity: The 1 oz silver bar comes without a certificate of authenticity. The Heraeus official stamp which is present on the bar serves as the certificate of authenticity. The official stamp of Heraeus is recognised throughout the world and will guarantee the bar’s acceptance by bullion dealers and financial institutions.

Purity: The Heraeus 1 oz silver bullion bar contains 99.9% pure silver. This means that the bar is exclusively made of pure silver.

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