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1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT)

1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT)
  • 1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT)
  • 1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT)


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Tavex offers 1 kg silver bars with special VAT (in Danish: “brugtmoms”).

The silver bars are produced by well known producers and consist of 1 kg 999 silver.

When buying silver with special VAT, you can buy silver at reduced prices.

Contact us on +45 3312 0907 if you have any questions.

* Limited availability.
** Unless otherwise agreed with Tavex, we will send the 1 kg bars available in stock at the time of receipt of order.

This silver item is in brilliant
mint condition

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  • The value of 1 kg .999 fine silver bars tracks the price of silver. The value of silver bars is primarily determined by their fine silver content which is linked to the prevailing price of silver.
  • The price of this 1 kg .999 fine silver bar will rise with inflation. Silver has proven itself throughout history to be a great asset in times of high inflation, appreciating faster and higher than most other investments!
  • Heraeus 1 kg .999 fine silver bars have guaranteed purity. The manufacturing and refining processes are overseen by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), guaranteeing strict quality and purity standards.
  • The 1 kg silver bar is .999 pure silver. 1 kg silver bars are a great way to get this precious white metal in your hands.
  • 1 kg .999 fine silver bars have an incredible heft. The “feel” of handling a cast one kilogram silver bar will put a smile on anyone’s face.

The process to manufacture a cast 1000 gram silver bar starts by heating silver material in a furnace until it turns to a molten slurry. During the heating process, all unwanted impurities in the slurry are removed until only molten silver of high purity is left, most often at around 99.9%. The refined silver is cooled and then either converted into silver granules or small silver bits. Either of these forms is weighed and adjusted according to the required weight of the desired cast silver bar and is then placed in an iron cast mold. The mold is put into a furnace which melts the small pieces of silver inside the iron cast mold. After the silver has melted, the molds are cooled and the silver solidifies inside. The result is a cast bar. These newly cast silver bars are then inspected and weighed. The bars that pass the test are cleaned and inserted into a hydraulic press that applies the needed marks on the top side of the cast silver bar. Investors need to take into consideration that unlike minted bars which are created from uniform silver panels and have even surfaces, the surface of a cast bar is sometimes rough and uneven. This makes them a perfect choice for those who like to handle and “feel” their silver bars since the re-sale value is not affected by mild scratches or dents.

When placing an order through our online shop, you can choose to have the products sent to your local post office or to collect them at our shop in Copenhagen.

By post: Upon receipt of payment to Tavex’s account, your order will be shipped as an insured value package. You will receive an SMS and an e-mail from Post Danmark with a tracking number to get updates on your delivery.

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Deliveries outside of Denmark are to be agreed with Tavex and can be arranged by contacting us on telephone + 45 33 12 09 07 or via e-mail through .

Please refer to our “Terms and Conditions” for detailed delivery instructions.


1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT) - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT) - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT) - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT) - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT) - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
1 kg Used Silver Bar (Special VAT) - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta