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Tavex Hovedbanegården
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Mon-Sun 10.00-20.00

Tel.: +45 33 11 15 10
Gold Advisor: + 45 33 12 09 07


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By ordering and purchasing goods in Tavex’s webshop store, the following terms and conditions shall apply:


1. Placing an order

1.1 An order placed with www.tavex.dk is considered an intention to purchase the specified item at the given price.

1.2 After placing and order an invoice will automatically be sent to your e-mail and upon recipt of the invoice, the order is binding for the parties. Please see below regarding cancelling an order.

1.3 The order is finalised upon the transfer and receipt of the payment in Tavex’s account.

2. Sale of investment gold and investment silver to Tavex

2.1 Tavex pays out cash up to DKK 50,000 when selling investment gold and silver to Tavex.

2.2 Payments exceeding DKK 50,000 is transferred to a bank account, see clause 3.1.4 regarding transfer fees.

2.3 Tavex’ buy prices only apply to private customer and deals which are not unusually large (max. DKK 1,000,000). Businesses customers and deals which are unusually large shall be agreed upon separately with Tavex.

3. Payment

3.1 Ordered items and currencies in Tavex’s online shop can be paid via bank transfer, Dankort or in cash (only up to DKK 50,000.00) in one of Tavex’s shops.

3.1.1 Payment via bank transfer

Payment of ordered goods must be transferred to Tavex no later than on the same day as the order is placed. If the transfer is not possible due to the bank or online banking hours, payment must be transferred no later than on the following business day.

Remember to write your invoice number in your payment order.

If payment is not transferred or received on the following business day, the order can be cancelled automatically.

3.1.2 Dankort and credit cards

You can pay with Dankort for up to DKK 50.000 via our online shop. When paying with Dankort, the money will at the earliest be deducted from you account when your order is shipped. Please note that you may be required to forward a copy of your ID and a copy of the front side of your Dankort or credit card to ensure that you have not been the victim of credit card fraud.

3.1.3 Cash

You can pay your order in cash in our shop, however please note that it is only possible to pay in cash for gold or silver for up to DKK 50.000. There is no cash limit when exchanging currencies.

3.1.4 Transfer of payment to a customers account:

Transfer of payment to the customers account in relation to sale of investment gold and investment silver, scrap gold and silver as well as currencies will be charged with a transfer fee of 100 kr. (300 kr. if express transfers).

4. Shipment of orders

4.1 Upon receipt of payment to Tavex’s account, the ordered goods or currencies are shipped. You will receive an e-mail from Postnord with a tracking number once the order has been shipped. Please note that you will not receive confirmation that payment has been received.

4.2 Please note that your tracking number is sent via Postnord, and that a couple of hours may elapse from the time you receive your tracking number till you can see the exact location of your package.

4.3 We strive to ship the ordered goods and currencies within the stated delivery time.

4.4 Should the ordered goods be out stock, a Tavex employee will contact you.

4.4.1 Ordering of currencies via the Tavex webshop

You can order currencies online for up to DKK 3,700. Please note that Tavex will send the available notes at the time of the completion of your order. If you require specific notes, then please contact us at or +45 3312 0907.

4.5 To ensure that our customers personally receive and sign for their order, Tavex will as a main rule ship all orders as parcels without home delivery, meaning that you will need to pick up your order at the post office and sign for your package before it is released to you.

4.6 All orders are sent as an insured value package.

4.7 The listed shipping costs only apply to deliveries within Denmark.

4.8 Deliveries outside of Denmark are to be agreed with specifically with Tavex and can be arranged by contacting Tavex on telephone +45 3312 0907 or email .

5. Delivery of goods and currencies ordered

5.1 Orders which have been paid via money transfer and are to be picked up in one of our shops are only handed over to the individual from whose bank account the payment was transferred. Valid photo ID will be required when collecting your order.

5.2 Deliveries of ordered goods to be picked up at the post office are released in accordance with Postdanmark’s requirements. Please note that we may ask for you to send us a copy of your ID or other documentation to ensure that you are not a victim of credit card fraud.

6. Cancelling an order

6.1 Tavex reserves the right to cancel the order if the sale of goods and currencies is made impossible due to exceptional circumstances.

6.2 Possible causes that may lead to the cancellation of an order may be as follows:

  • computer crash or website errors, which interferes with data on product prices and stocks
  • problems with delivery – when the ordered goods do not arrive as scheduled

6.3 Upon cancellation of an order Tavex will without undue delay reimburse the customer any amount paid.

6.4 Tavex is not liable for any losses, loss of profit or other similar circumstances which may arise as a result of the cancellation of an order.

7. Withdrawal of an order

7.1 Buying gold and currencies via Tavex’s webshop is not subject to right of withdrawal (“fortrydelsesret”).

7.2 The price of gold bars, coins and currencies are dependent on the fluctuations on the capital and commodities market, and there is therefore no right of withdrawal on your purchase upon receipt of your order.

7.3 Please note that you are always able to sell back your gold or currencies back to Tavex at our buy prices.

8.1 Warranties

8.1 All purchases are subject to the warranties set out in the Danish Buying of Goods Act (“Købeloven”).

9.1 Prices

8.1 All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK). In the event that you wish to make payment in other currency, please call +45 3312 0907 or send an email to to agree on the exchange rate and any other terms and conditions.

10. Customer Information

10.1 Tavex records customer information in accordance with applicable rules and regulations and will only be used in the event that Tavex needs to contact a customer regarding an order.

10.2 Tavex does not disclose, exchange or provide customer information to third parties.


If you have any questions regarding the use of our online store please feel free to call us at +45 3312 0907 or send an email to .


Pricebot - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
Pricebot - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
Pricebot - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
Pricebot - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
Pricebot - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta
Pricebot - Tavex - Køb og salg af guld & valuta