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South African Krugerrand 1/2 oz

If you are seeking a durable investment gold bullion coin with unparalleled liquidity and which is available at a low premium over the prevailing spot price of gold, then the South African Krugerrand could be the investment you are looking for.

Launched by the South African Mint in 1967, the Krugerrand rose to fame as the first bullion coin to contain one ounce of gold. To this date, investors have bought some 48 million ounces of fine gold contained in over 60 million coins, establishing the Krugerrand as the most popular and actively traded gold bullion coin in the 21st century. Krugerrand gold coins are supported by a deep liquid market that guarantees their exchangeability by thousands of coins dealers, financial institutions and investors worldwide.

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  1. Krugerrand gold coins are liquid. This stems from the fact that they are well recognised and traded globally by coin dealers, investors and banks. There is always a market for Krugerrand gold coins.
  2. Krugerrand gold coins track the price of gold. The value of Krugerrand coins is primarily determined by their fine gold content which is linked to the prevailing price of gold.
  3. Krugerrand gold coins are money. Krugerrand gold coins are legal tender in South African and are accepted and exchanged as such throughout the world.
  4. Krugerrand gold coins are durable. Krugerrands have a gold purity of 22 carats, meaning they contain one ounce of pure gold and a small amount of copper. The gold – copper alloy strengthens the coin’s surface that enhances the durability of the coin and makes it suitable for handling.
  5. Krugerrand gold coins are the equivalent of savings. Krugerrands come in different weights, making them an ideal choice for any type of long-term saver who appreciates the security and stability of owning physical gold coins.
  6. Krugerrand gold coins are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. Gold’s low correlation with other financial assets makes Krugerrands serve as a portfolio hedge against market risk.

The Krugerrand gold coin created by the South African gold-mining industry

South Africa was the largest gold mining nation during the mid 20th century, contributing almost 50% to the annual global mine supply. To more easily sell this abundant supply of gold, the South African gold mining industry came up with the idea to develop a circulating gold bullion coin that would exclusively contain gold from the South African mines. The idea was approved by the South African Central Bank which authorized the creation of the legal tender Krugerrand gold coin. The Krugerrand gold coin was struck for the first time in the early 1970s by the South African Mint and would prove to be the most successful gold bullion coin ever to be issued by the Republic of South Africa.

Krugerrand gold coins portray President Kruger

The obverse of the Krugerrand gold coin depicts Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger, former president of the Transvaal Republic. Kruger would rise to international fame as the head of the Boer resistance against British forces in the late 19th century. The Boers, predominately Dutch-speaking settlers from Europe who lived in South Africa, tired of being ruled by the British Empire, decided to create their own independent country under the name Transvaal. Paulus Kruger, who was also a descendant of the Boers, would become a leading figure in the Boer quest to become a self-governed nation inside the territories of the British controlled South Africa.

Kruger came from a simple background; born on a farm in 1825 in South Africa he lacked any formal education, although his proficiency in hunting and horse riding would prove to be of good use during his military service in the Transvaal army. He advanced fairly quickly in the army ranks and by his early 40s was already promoted to Commandant-General of the Transvaal forces. Kruger’s skills went beyond being a soldier, since he was a fine diplomat as well. In 1877, when the Boers clashed for the first time against Britain, Kruger through diplomatic means secured a victory for the Boers. This boosted his popularity, and as a result, he was elected president of the Transvaal Republic in the general elections that followed three years later.

The price of gold was affected by the large gold deposits found in South Africa

Unfortunately, the peace between the Boers and British did not last long, as large gold deposits were found inside the territories of the Transvaal Republic in an area called Witwatersrand. Even to this date, the Witwatersrand region is home to some of the richest gold deposits on earth; it is believed that almost 45% of all the gold ever mined on earth has come from this rich South African gold region. The British, determined to secure control over these vast riches, sent a huge force, by some estimates over 400,000 people strong, to combat the Boers. The Boers, greatly outnumbered by the British force, lost the war, and Transvaal was absorbed back into the British Empire in 1902. President Kruger who managed to escape to Europe never set foot again in Africa and he died in exile in Switzerland on 14 July 1904.

Nominal value Dimensions Fineness Product weight in grams Gold weight in grams Gold weight in Troy ounces
27.00 mm 917 16.95936 g 15.55173g 0.5

The South African Krugerrand gold coin was first issued in 1967 and has since then been in continuous production. The South African Mint is responsible for the coins production.


The obverse portrays the former President of the South African Republic, Paul Kruger. His picture is surrounded by the text “Sud – Afrika” and “South Africa”, the name of the country in its two native languages, Afrikaans and English.


The reverse features a galloping springbok on grass. Above the springbok is the text “KRUGERRAND”. Under the animal is the inscribed text “FYNGOUD”, which translates as “fine gold”, and the weight of the coin. The centre of the coin contains the year of mintage with the first two figures of the year visible on the left of the springbok and the last two figures on the right.

The Krugerrand does not depict any face value on either side of the coin. The reasoning for this unusual decision was to express the Krugerrand’s value by linking its fine gold content, which is portrayed on the reverse of the coin, with the prevailing market price of gold.

The Krugerrand gold coin is a 22 carat fine gold coin which means it is composed of 22/24 = 91.6% gold and 8.33 % copper. The gold – copper alloy makes the surface of the coin more durable and less prone to scratches and marks. Even though the coin is 22 carat it still contains one troy ounce of gold (31.1 grams). This is because the coin itself weighs 1.0909 troy ounces or 33.93 grams.

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